How do I prepare my home before you arrive?

What is the difference between a lion clip and a comb clip?

Will I need your help?

Do you use sedation to groom cats? 

Do you groom aggressive cats?

How long will my cat's groom take? 

My cat has never been groomed/bathed before. Is this a problem?

Please ensure you are at home at the arranged time. When you book your appointment I will send a confirmation text message to you. I will also give you a call or text before I drive to you from the previous client. Google Maps will give me an estimated time of arrival.  

Please make sure your cat is in the bathroom or in a room where she/he can not hide from us. 

I will need a table where I can groom your cat and a bathroom or room where you and I can move comfortably around.

I prefer to not work on carpeted floors if possible.

Cats who plan to be bathed need to have suitable laundry or bathroom amenities and a mixer tap for me to attach a hose if you don't have one. Sometimes it may not be possible for me to bathe your cat.

During Mobile Cat Grooming Service, Groomzy offers lion shaving only. If you wish your cat to be shaved with comb, please book an appointment into Altona Salon.

A lion clip is a full-body short shave with the exception of the head and lower legs. You have the choice to leave the tail unshaved or as a pom-pom. A comb clip is a longer length shave over the whole body and is more suitable for winter. 

Yes, I will not have an assistant with me to hold your cat so I will need your help to hold your cat while I am shaving. My assistant works mainly on weekends with me in the Altona Salon. He can help me to hold cats if I need during shaving and bathing heavy cats. If you are uncomfortable to hold your cat, please book an appointment into Altona Salon when my assistant works. 

No, I do not use sedation to groom cats and I am not going to.

For some cats I might need to use an air muzzle or towel if they exhibit overly aggressive behaviour. Some cats can not be groomed by cat groomers. If your cat is highly anxious or likely to be aggressive, please let me know and we will discuss it further. Please see the Feline Fear Free Guide for high level stress cats. 

A lion cut without bath is 20-40 minutes and with bath is 40 to 60 minutes. If your cat is matted or badly matted or hard to handle, the grooming will take me some extra time to finish. Sometimes very bad mat/pelt removal can take 1.5- 2 hours on a double coated long hair cat, so if you think this is the service your cat will need, please book an evening appointment. 

Every cat is different but I am a professional groomer used to dealing cats and will look after them really well. Some cats are prone to displaying overly aggressive or anxious behaviour when meeting with a groomer or vet.  Cats can be triggered by seeing the cat carrier, leaving the home, riding in cars and other activities. Please see the Feline Fear Free Guide.  

Do you groom elderly cats?

Old cats (over 10 years) can tire more easily so I will try to be as fast as possible. Grooming an elderly cat can be risky and is not always advised please call me to discuss your cat's needs. 

Will you trim my cat's nails and clean ears and eyes too?

My cat has mats but I do not want it to be shaved. Can you do it?

For your cat and my own safety, trimming nails is the first thing I do for all cats. Yes, I do clean healthy cats ears and eyes. I am not a vet, so if your cat requires special eye or ear treatment, please discuss this with your vet. 

During Mobile Cat Grooming Service, the minimum service type is a lion cut $80. If you would like to get spot shaving, sanitary clip, belly clip please feel free to make an appointment in our salon located in Altona. I can offer spot shaving for sensitive areas (sanitary clip, neck, armpits, belly) and brushing out the rest in Altona salon. However, if the mats are too tight/cover a large area and/or your cat doesn’t take the brushing very well, a full shave down could be the best option. 

Can I request special shampoo?

I only use shampoo made for cats, I do not use shampoo for dogs. Yes, I can also give your furry kitty a hypoallergenic bath. I can also use your own shampoo (medicated or just your own preference). I offer bathing your cat with lion cut only as a mobile grooming service. If you wish your cat to be bathed as full coat grooming (thorough brushing, bathing, blow-dry, de shedding), please make an appointment into Groomzy Cat Grooming Salon, Altona.

How offen do you sanitese your tools? 

All tools and equipment, including clipper blades, are decontaminated between cats to prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria and fungus. 

How do I pay?

After your appointment has been scheduled with Groomzy, you will need to pay the call out fee within 24 hours by bank transfer. 

Account name: Nikolett Szabo

BSB: 013132

Account no: 290790177

Message: Your name/your cat name/date of your appointment

You can also send a screenshot of the receipt to Groomzy by text to 0448113933. 

After we receive the payment/receipt, your scheduled appointment will be confirmed by us via text message to your mobile. 

Upon the completion of the service in your home you can pay via cash, bank transfer or by card, which carries a 2% surcharge. 

I can see your prices. Will I pay any extra fee?

I will have to take a look at your cat to see how badly matted your cat is and will give you a price beforehand. If your cat is very hard to handle and I need extra time to groom, I will charge you an extra fee. If a long/medium/short hair cat comes in with an excessive undercoat or an impacted coat, I charge $15 for coat restoration. 

Do you work by appointment only?

Yes, I work by appointment. Mobile Cat Grooming service is limited service, only 2 weekdays/week and only in the North & Eastern parts of Melbourne at this time. 

What if I have to cancel my appointment with you?

What time you will arrive to me?

If you need to cancel your appointment that is understandable however the pre-paid call out fee will not be refunded.

When your appointment is scheduled I will ask for a two hour window for me to arrive. Before I start to drive to you from the previous client I will call or text to tell you my estimated time of arrival according to Google Maps. Please make sure you will be at home when I will arrive because the call out fee is non refundable. Please remember that I will need a table and your assistance to hold your cat while I am shaving. 


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